Job Satisfaction?

On any weekday morning, take a look at people’s faces on the bus or subway. Do they look happy? How many of them are there because they want to be? OK, now you can stop staring. They will be there with the same bored and blank look in their eyes tomorrow. Most of them will avoid eye contact, or if it’s a Monday you may get some evil looks.

This is normal, right? People don’t look happy in the morning because they probably did not get enough sleep the night before. They don’t like Mondays because it’s the first working day after a break. This is almost the same reason why Friday is so special. Everyone hates Mondays and loves Fridays, right? Well, not the bosses.
By bosses, I do not mean your boss. I mean your boss’ boss. The top guy, the big man, the BOSS... To him every day is the same. He doesn’t rush to the subway with the day break. He doesn’t eat unhealthy food and wash it down with cheap imitation coffee either. Come to think of it he probably doesn’t even walk fast and runs only on treadmills.

He doesn’t have to do all these because he has you. He has a whole organization to keep him where he is and when you see him (like once in every 5 years) he gives the “We are one big family” speech.

I really don’t want to upset you but he does NOT care about you at all. Your newborn son or mother who has cancer are, to him, just distractions from your work. They look like they’re concerned about your well-being but that’s not because he cares about you but because he knows that happier workers are more efficient and productive. You see how close the family members are when you get the pink slip.

I’m sorry but no one cares about you. It’s not because Joe-from-the-next-cubicle hates you but because it’s every man for “the boss”. There’s nothing he can do for you either. He’s just a “nobody” like you and everyone else on the floor. The people who work on the lower floor are worse than you and the upper floor is a little better. The Big Man does not care about the altitude of your chair though. To him you are a just worker. You are not replaced by robots yet because of some technical difficulties but in a few years that will be possible. That will make the boss man happier because you (as a carbon based life form) require a lot to work. You should be thankful because Canada has Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If these rights were not written down some time ago you’d be treated worse than our metallic brothers are. To be precise, you’d be exactly like sweatshop workers. You would not sweat as much because the country is cold but not to worry… people work faster in the cold.

The system has changed a little but you and I my friend are still slaves. Our trustworthy friend Wikipedia defines slavery as “a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work.” In this system
people can be held against their will, are deprived of their right to leave, to refuse to work and to demand compensation.

Do not, for a second, think that the world is free from slavery. Do you have any idea how many committed suicide in the factory that produces your iPods and iPads? Did you know that the company put up nets between buildings to cut down on the fatalities? You see they did not try to make the conditions better. They just stopped slaves from hitting the ground.

I have a few questions for you.

-Can you give a break whenever you want?

-Can you quit on a whim?

-do you think your paycheck is fair?

If you answered any with yes; you my friend are a modern day slave. You may argue that you can choose your profession and the company you work for but having the chance to pick the slaver you want does not make you less of a slave.

Think of it like this. You always wanted to be an engineer. You worked really hard to get into a university. You are taught mainstream science, because that’s where the money is. No one cares about Schrödinger’s cat because a dead radiated cat and a live radiated cat cost about the same amount. In the end you might turn out to be the best engineer of all time but by then you are so specialised that you can’t do anything else. You cannot make your own clothes or find sustenance which is not sold somewhere. You cannot fix plumbing or your relationships. You are given pieces of paper which can be traded for these services. You get what you pay for, so you never actually expect the same service the big man gets. The food you buy either gives you cancer or lowers your IQ score. The clothes you buy last only for a few years.

With the new system, the boss does not have to provide shelter or food for you. The sad thing is the quality is not that better. You think your house is better than a slave pen because you have a sofa, TV etcetera but, no, sorry, you were tricked into buying those from the boss-man’s friends. The sofa is there so your back doesn’t hurt while you watch TV and the TV is there because it’s cheaper than hiring people to whip you afterhours.

This may be the reason for “the Case of the Mondays” or “Thank God It’s Friday”. I think deep down we all know we waste our lives working so that the big guy lives in comfort. We feel there is something wrong with the system. Not only that, something is missing, right? You had this feeling since you started working. Oh, OK, I’ll just go ahead and say it, so you can keep on doing the job you hate. It’s the whip. Without the whip we say “Sure Boss” and not “Yes Master”.

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